Reception exploring the woods

Reception have had a fantastic afternoon exploring in the woods. We made our own muddy puddle so that we could investigate muddy wellie and hand prints. We made some great patterns. We also worked together carrying large branches to make dens, enjoyed climbing in the trees and just enjoyed being out in out lovely woodland […]

Year Five Atlas hunt

We’ve begun our new area of learning in geography in Year Five – Scandinavia. As a start to this unit, we investigated the continent of Europe via an atlas hunt. The children demonstrated a fantastic understanding of the different countries in Europe and their locality.  

Chinese New Year in Nursery

This week we have been learning about the Chinese New Year, we have looked at where China is on the world map and thought about how their celebrations are similar to ours in the UK. We have been making Chinese lanterns, practising to paint Chinese numbers and joining in with a Chinese dragon dance!

Historical Local Maps in Year Two

Year Two began their local history topic by comparing two maps of Baddeley Green: one from 1950 and one from 2023. They coloured in differences with one colour and similarities with another. They found lots of interesting changes!

Nursery welcome in the New Year!

This week we have been learning about the New Year Celebrations. We have talked about what we did with our families for New Year and found out about some of the celebrations that happen around the world. We watched London’s celebrations, counting down with Big Ben and enjoying the fantastic firework display. We then all […]

World Cup week in Year Six

The children enjoyed watching the England World Cup game against Iran this week. They came in their England colours to support the national team. On Thursday, children watched Mr Mellor’s assembly all about the World Cup and the countries competing in it. They were intrigued to learn about many of the nations and particularly astonished […]

World Cup Fun in Reception

In celebration of the World Cup, Reception have been finding out about several countries: Senegal, Ghana, France and Uruguay. We found these countries on the world map then discovered that the Eiffel Tower is in France, French is spoken in Senegal, cacao beans come form Ghana and Uruguay is in South America. We can’t wait […]

Brazil Day Year Three

This week the children enjoyed a trip to Rio de Janerio. They had their passports and boarding passes ready and listened carefully to the inflight safety video. During their trip, they enjoyed making and tasting Pão de queijo (Brazilian cheese bread), creating carnival masks, learning some Samba moves and were invited to Rio carnival.   […]

Continents and Oceans in Year Two

In year two, we have been learning the names of the continents and oceans. As a final task, children drew and labelled the continents and oceans on their very own globe balloon. Well done for trying to be as accurate as possible.

Geography in Year Five

This week, we’ve had a super time in our geography learning! As a flashback, we had a tour of the world identifying several continents, countries and oceans along the way. Then we continued our learning within our volcanoes and earthquakes unit as we explored the impact of tectonic plates and the key features of a […]