Year Four artists

Our Year Four children have created some very effective collages based around the theme of rivers and water after studying work by the American artist, Robin Brooks. They applied a range of techniques including colour mixing, painting, cutting, tearing, arranging and fixing.

Tracing Viking Territories in Year Five

This week in our history lesson, we identified former Viking territories using modern-day maps. To do this, we learnt all about suffixes which were associated with Viking legacies and researched the meaning behind these. It was lovely to see the children combining their history and geography skills together.  

Year Four Enrichment Day

This week, our Year Four children have spent a day in our woodland area, appreciating nature, learning how to care for the environment and discovering what lives in our school grounds, as well as developing their resilience, collaborative and risk taking skills. We finished the day with s’mores, cooked on our campfire 🔥!

Exploring Europe in Year Five

Our most recent geography lesson saw us focus on the locality of countries in Europe. The children worked in pairs to identify different countries on a map and used an atlas to identify those countries they weren’t sure of. Next week we will be focusing on capital cities within European countries.  

Reception Celebrate Chinese New Year

This week, Reception have been learning about Chinese New Year. As part of the celebrations, we learned that ribbon dances are very popular. We watched a video to inspire our own ribbon dances.

Nursery Celebrate Chinese New Year

This week we have been learning about the Chinese New Year celebration. We have found where China is located on the map and learned lots of facts about the Chinese New Year and the traditions that Chinese people take part in. We have practised writing numbers in Chinese, using chopsticks to pick up noodles and […]

Year Four Geographers

Year Four have been busy this week considering why rivers are important to humans, and how they can be used. They considered travel, a food source, power, drinking and other ways that rivers have been important, even for the ancient civilisations.

Map work in Reception

This week, Reception have been reading the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Following on from that, they have created their own maps of the forest that Little Red Riding Hood travelled through. We discussed the Tyrone of features that might be included on a map and they included houses, trees and the path way.

Year Four Drama

Year Four have been using hot seating to explore the characters from their English text ‘A River Ran Wild’ by Lynne Cherry. This is also supporting their science and geography work on rivers, habitats and changes to environments.

Identifying the Prime Meridian in Year Five

In our geography lesson this week, we identified and discussed the significance of the Prime Meridian. We used this to help us identify different times zones around the world using our knowledge of capital cities.