Incy Wincy Investigation in Reception

Reception have been investigating which materials would protect Incy Wincy from the rain. They tested paper, tissue, grease proof paper, tin foil and plastic. They discovered that the paper and tissue were no good as the water soaked straight through and although the greaseproof was good initially, it eventually soaked in too. They liked the […]

Sorting Shapes in Year Two

The children in year two have been learning about shapes and their properties. They were challenged to sort them in different ways using the new vocabulary they have learnt.

We love exercising in Year Three!

In PHSE, we had lots of enthusiastic group work and interesting conversation about the importance of exercise. We all came to the conclusion that we can always add extra bit to increase our physical activity (ideally 60 minutes per day).

Toys in Year One

Year One have been finding out more about old and new toys. They considered what toys were made from, how they were made and how they were played with. They learned that many old toys are made from wood, with lots of new toys being made in factories and from plastic. Some of the old […]

Chesley Bonestell Art Research in Year Five

For our learning in art, we’ve been focusing on Chelsey Bonestell. He is best known for his slogan, ‘A brush in the Future’ and his pioneering space art. Here are the children getting creative and designing their own portfolio fact files based on space art. We can’t wait to start preparing are own designs inspired […]

Roman Food Tasting in Year Four

The children have been tasting a variety of a Roman foods this week to help them to decide on the final design for their Roman bread rolls that they are making. The tasted a range of foods, including figs, olives, dates, apples, pears, cheese and honey! Yum!

Inheritance in Year Six

We have been looking at how features are inherited from parents. We have looked at different hybrid breeds of dog and what features it inherits from the pure breeds that are their parents.

Shared Reading in Year One

We’ve been working on our shared reading text, ‘The Old Toy Room’. When we first read a text, we always talk about the new vocabulary so we practise looking shocked, hearing the noise of the bustling station, bowing our heads to invite Lottie on to our backs and speeding to catch the train! 📚 We’ve […]

Hanukkah in Reception

This week Reception have been learning about the Jewish festival of Hanukkah. They were fascinated by the story of the Macabees and enjoyed creating their own scrolls like the Torah and collage Menorahs.  

Fractions in Year Five

The children in Year Five started a new unit in our maths as we embark on our fractions learning. The children used fraction tiles to identify equivalent fractions as we began to remind ourselves of the function behind the numerator and denominator. We have also begun to use counters to support us in converting between […]