E-safety in Year Five

This week, Year Five have been revising our important values and rules to stay safe whilst online. They considered appropriate online conduct whilst also began to think about sources which are trustworthy and how we can tell.  

A visit from Mr Such in Year Two

The Year Two children have been learning about sacred places in RE. They have discussed the church many times over their time at Hillside, so this time, they put all their questions about the church in a letter to Mr Such. This week, he came in to discuss the answers with the children.

Computing in Reception

To complete our computing learning,  we have been learning how to programme the Beebots  to follow a path around a range of different maps. The children loved predicting where the Bee-Bot would finish once they had programmed it.

Press printing in Year Four

After learning about Andy Warhol, the Year Four children have had a go at press printing. They created designs and then used polystyrene tiles to etch in their final design. After producing their art, they evaluated their work and enjoyed sharing their work with each other.

Year One’s Salad Making!

As part of our learning in Design and Technology, we have been creating a salad for a herbivore from Peak Wildlife Park! We received a letter asking for our help so have considered how and where fruit and vegetables grow (over or under the ground), have taste tested and then designed our own salad that […]

Year Two at Jodrell Bank

Year Two had a wonderful day at Jodrell Bank. They learnt all about the Solar System, Constellations and the Moon. It will help them to progress their understanding of Neil Armstrong, who they have been learning about in our history topic, Explorers.

Creative Year Two

Year two have been very creative over the last few weeks. In art, we have been learning about William Turner and completed observational drawing of boats. In DT, we have designed, made and evaluated Moon Buggys, to further our learning of Neil Armstrong in history.

Year Five’s Visit to Stanley Head

This week, Year Five have enjoyed an adventurous visit Stanley Head to develop their mountaineering skills. Throughout the day, they completed climbing, abseiling and orienteering challenge. To their credit, they all demonstrated fantastic team work and a super growth mindset.  

Nursery’s trip to France 🇫🇷 

This week we have pretended we have been on holiday to France. We have been writing postcards to say what we have been doing on holiday, creating French flags, building our own Eiffel Tower models and enjoying a visit to the French market! Tres bien Nursery!

Minibeast hotels in Reception

This week Reception have designed minibeast hotels for their minibeast friends. We considered the range of materials available and then the children selected what they would like to use. They recorded the designs onto a minibeast hotel. The children brought in recyclable boxes which they then filled with their selected materials. Next week we’ll see […]