French in Year Five

This week in our French learning we have begun our new topic of “Healthy Eating”. We successfully went on a vocabulary hunt for new foods and used French dictionaries with efficiency to find some important new vocabulary.  

Drama in Year Three! 

There’s been lots of drama in Year Three this week! 🎭 We have had a visit from Rhodopis, the Egyptian Cinderella herself, and the children interviewed her with very some very interesting questions! We have also used freeze framing to help with our ordering of events ready for writing a retell next week.  

Daffodil Planting in Nursery

This week we have enjoyed planting our own Daffodils 🌼 . We looked at the bulb and talked about the shoots that we could already see, we thought about the different things we needed to do to look after our Daffodils. We know that we need to give them water if it doesn’t rain 🌧. […]

RE in Year Four

In RE, the children have been learning about what Hindus believe about God. They have learnt about how they believe there is one supreme God and the Gods and Goddesses they worships are just a part of him. They looked at the different deities and discussed what they could see. Some great discussions.

Materials in Year One

Year One have started their new science learning about materials, grouping and sorting lots of different random items! The different teams decided how to sort in lots of different ways! They sorted by colour, size, shape and purpose and then some sorted by what they were made from, like plastic, wood or fabric. Lots of […]

PSHE in Reception

This week, Reception have been thinking about bullying as part of our PSED work. After listening to a story about a little boy who was not very nice to his friend, we talked about how the friend must have felt. We also talked about what they should do if anything like this happened to them. […]

Year Three’s French Charades

In Year Three, we have begun learning the vocabulary for different activities in French. To show our understanding, we played a game of charades with the children guessing the activity  in French only. Year Three are loving their French lessons and lots are exciting to learn even more in French club.  

Superhero Day in Reception

Reception are having a fantastic Superhero day along with Supertato and Evil Pea! We have made Evil Pea biscuits, done some Spider-Man yoga, made superhero masks and doe. Lots of Superhero dancing . It’s been a fabulous day!  

PSHE in Year Five

This week in Year Five, we have thought collectively all about the significance of confidential information and how sharing it inappropriately can be harmful to others. We did this through a class discussion and then recreating some scenes on the playground. We empathised how it may feel to have somebody share your confidential information and […]

Gymnastics in Year Four

The children have created short routines including rolls, shapes and leaps. They worked in pairs and then performed them to the rest of the class.