Writing in Year Two

This week, we have been reflecting on our year in Year Two. We worked in our Kagan groups to think of as many exciting things that happened this year as possible. We then came up with a ‘fancy pants’ list of all the things we have learnt how to do, such as commas in a […]

Reading Ordnance Survey Maps in Year Five

This week in their geography, Year Five have revised eight-point compass points and applied them to form directions. They applied their learning to local Ordnance Survey Maps analysing them for significant locations and amenities. Year Five will continue to develop their familiarity with Ordnance Survey maps as they consider coordinates next week.  

Year One’s Antarctic Artwork! 

Year One have been studying Henri Rousseau and creating their own work style in his style 🖼 Rousseau is famous for painting jungles with hidden animals 🐯so we created an Antarctic landscape with animals from Antarctica 🐧 and hid them amongst the snow or waves, linking to our learning in Geography! We painted a wash, […]

Minibeast Artwork in Reception

This week, Reception have been getting creative with some caterpillar and butterfly artwork. We have been experimenting with a range of techniques including fixing different materials together for collage and painting, then folding paper to make beautiful symmetrical butterflies.

Year Three Visit the Stone Age 

On Monday, Year Three travelled back in time and visited the Stone Age. We had an amazing day learning all about Stone Age artefacts and different ways of life. We created our own spear heads from slate and crafted clay fat lamps just like the Stone Age people would have used for light. We were […]

Economic awareness in Year Four

During a recent PSHE lesson, the children discussed money and what it is used for. They also discussed the importance of saving money to buy things that they want. Some children explained how they complete jobs at home to earn pocket money. The children then listened to the song ‘If I had a Million Dollars’ […]

Year Six’s residential at Stanley Head

Year Six have enjoyed an incredible week at Stanley Head. It is amazing to see how each child has grown over the course of the week. Children have been bouldering in the roaches and learning about rock formations,  reading maps and symbols to complete a scavenger hunt, throwing axes, shooting rifles, stacking crates, canoeing and, […]

Daddy’s treats in Nursery

This afternoon we have welcomed our daddies in to school to celebrate Father’s Day with them. We have completed craft activities, enjoyed garden games in the sun ☀️ and cakes, biscuits and drinks. The children have thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon and hope you have a lovely day on Sunday!

Art Week in Year Five

This week, Year Five completed their Access All Arts Week project where they have looked at the skills associated with both photography and cinematography. They have created successful perspective photos whilst also experimented with different genres.  

Light investigation in Year Two

This week in Science, year two have learnt three new words: transparent, translucent and opaque. They predicted and explored this with a torch and the many materials around the room, recording their findings along the way.