Page under review for September 2022

Hello and welcome to Hillside’s Nursery class!

We are a bubbly class, absolutely full of character and budding little superstars, let us tell you a little bit more about our days in Nursery…

We have the best time learning through our play, this is both, inside and outside our classroom. In the classroom we have many different activities to explore including sand play, water play, reading, role-playing, imaginative play with small world, construction and much more!  Miss Hewitt and Mrs Pope always know our interests and make sure there is something for us all to be busy with!

We are incredibly lucky with our outside space at Hillside, during our lunchtimes we get the opportunity to use bikes, scooters and ride on cars and we have our own agility trail where we can develop our physical skills including climbing, balancing and jumping. We also love to go to the woods to explore natural materials and take part in many different activities such as den building, bear hunts, scavenger hunts and much more.

Each day we like to take part in a phonics activity, this is built on throughout the year to give us the skills to be able to read. The early stages of phonics include lots of listening activities, singing nursery rhymes, listening for rhymes in words, sounds in the environments and exploring musical instruments.

This year our very own ‘Little Ted’ will be beginning his adventures again and visiting each child for a weekend. We love to hear all of the wonderful things that Little Ted gets up to when he is at home with the children.

To complement our learning and skills that we are taught through the Nursery year we enjoy to go on some very exciting visits – Amerton Farm to see Santa, Hoo Farm for lambing and Manchester Airport Runway Park.