Music Life

Music at Hillside goes far beyond the lessons taught in the classroom. Mr Hall provides many opportunities throughout the year for the children to develop their love of music. The children are welcomed, and encouraged to join a range of extra-curricular activities to perform, and sing their hearts out!


Singing Stars

Our Singing Stars meet each week after school to develop their confidence and skills in singing and performing in readiness for two large inter-school concerts that take place during the academic year at one of our local professional theatres.





Our wonderful choir enjoy taking to the stage at special events and celebrations in school and during the Easter and Christmas Church services. They children in the choir meet each week to practise their vocals and learn a repertoire of songs.





Each year, we have a dedicated Rock-Band, or two! The skill-set within the bands are amazing, the children involved dedicate a lunchtime each week to practise together to perfect their piece. The bands perform at the local professional theatre as part of an inter-school concert and also have the opportunity to perform at special celebration events in school.