Continents in Year Two

Year Two have been learning about the continents in geography. They played a continents game with the giant globe and drew them on balloons.

Seasonal Change in Year One 

Year One have begun their learning about seasonal change this week, ordering months of the year, naming the seasons and talking about what happens and what we might wear in each season. We’ll be heading in to the woods to explore further and to spot signs of Autumn! 🍂

Reception’s Arctic Artwork

This week Reception, have been creating artwork based on Arctic animals from the story ‘Mama, Do you love me?’ They used a range of cold colours to represent the snow and ice and some warmer colours for the  animals.

Around the world in Reception

This week we have been learning all about Spain. We found where it is on the map, what the flag looks like, what kids of food people in Spain like to eat and lots of other interesting facts. We then created a fact file to help us remember all of the information.

Summer in Year One

To finish our Science and Geography learning about seasonal change in Year One, we have visited the woods and taken our own photographs of signs of summer. We talked about new plant growth, the leaf canopy, insects and animals and considered our clothing too! We also used our technology skills to line up and take […]

Year Three: Geographers on site

Year Three took part of the Orienteering unit linked in Geography, applying their learning at reading a map. They went around the school to find a location and answered questions using a details map.

Coronation Celebrations in Reception

Reception have been celebrating the upcoming Coronation of King Charles. Everyone looked fantastic in their coronation outfits. We have learned lots about the royal family and where they live in London as well as making fantastic crowns for our afternoon tea. 🇬🇧👑

Reception – Computing on the Farm with Purple Mash 

This week we having been reading the story of the Little Red Hen and talking about the animals on the farm. On PurpleMash, we have been pairing up the baby and adult animals and completing  jigsaws based on images from the farm. We talked about the features of the farm and how it looked really […]

Djembe music in Reception

This week Reception have been reading the story of Handa’s Surprise, a lovely story about a little girl who lives in Kenya, Africa. We learned a song about the story called 7 Juicy Fruits and accompanied it with these African drums which are called Djembes. The children were amazing and loved learning about African cultures […]

Handa’s Surprise in Reception

This week Reception have been reading the lovely story of Handa’s Surprise. The story is about a little girl who lives in a rural village in Kenya, Africa. After reading the story, we found Kenya on our world map, then discussed the similarities and differences between Handa’s homelife and ours.