Parachute games in Reception

This week we have been working together to play some exciting games using the parachute. We had to ensure that we were all following the instructions at the same time, so that the parachute moved in the way that we wanted it to.  

Mental Health Awareness

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme is MOVEMENT! 🕺 We’ve shared an assembly and thought about lots of different things that help our mental health – the children were INCREDIBLE at coming up with so many ideas about how to looks after themselves and others and many of them linked to […]

KS1 Halle Orchestra Visit

KS1 have been inspired by the Halle Orchestra from Manchester 🎻 They came to share stories with us that were accompanied by music – the viola, violin, cello, drum, cymbal and glockenspiel 🎵 We heard about what happened after Jack left the beanstalk and when the three bears and Goldilocks became friends 👧 We all learned […]

Year One: Easter at Church

The whole school visited Milton Church this week and Year One particularly enjoyed finding out about the Christian festival of Easter and how Jesus died and rose again ⛪️ They sang the songs with enthusiasm, performed the jelly bean prayer with clarity and worked together to consider what each colour in the prayer represented 🙏 […]

Kindness at Hillside Primary

What incredibly kind children we have at Hillside Primary! 🩷 Following on from our random acts assembly, nearly 100 certificates were awarded to children who helped at home, shared compliments with others, tidied up, made people smile, wrote lovely notes or drew pictures, looked after loved ones… the list was endless! We are very proud […]

Year One’s Book Week!

Year One have loved book week, sharing a brew and a book with their family and finding out about Florence Nightingale, the lady with the lamp who changed health care for the better! 👩‍⚕️ They researched Florence, shared facts about her life and then created their own fact files. Well done everyone! 👏 See what […]

Growth Mindset in Year Six

This afternoon in Year Six during our Growth Mindset lesson, we looked at the story of Malala Yousafzai and how she helped to get an education for other girls. In groups, they made their own app that could help others over come hurdles by problem solving.  

Labelling body parts in Year Two

In PSHE, the children have been labelling the parts of the body. They tried to use more grown up language than they have used in the past. They will use this language when they go on to looking at how our bodies change through the human life cycle in science.

Doctors in training in Nursery!

This week we have been learning about doctors and how they can help us.  We have read the story ‘Going to the Doctor’ and talked about our experiences of seeing the doctor. We have looked at the doctors equipment and what they do, then practised with it in our doctors surgery, lots of children have […]

Year Four Scientists

Our super scientists have been working collaboratively this week when working scientifically and sorting solids, liquids and gases. There was lots of discussion around those ‘tricky’ ones such as sand, cream, ice and toothpaste.