We love exercising in Year Three!

In PHSE, we had lots of enthusiastic group work and interesting conversation about the importance of exercise. We all came to the conclusion that we can always add extra bit to increase our physical activity (ideally 60 minutes per day).

Sporting Success for Hillside!

Following Monday’s competitions, results for the Stoke-on-Trent School Games have been released, and Team Hillside have come out with some amazing outcomes:– Best-performing small school in Stoke-on-Trent! 🥇– Best-performing school overall in the Hanley district! 🥇– Stoke North RUNNERS UP! 🥈– 9 performances achieving the national School Games GOLD standard! 🏅 Another enormous well done to the team for their incredible performances, we’re so very proud of you all! 👏🏻 ⭐️

PE in Nursery

We have been doing lots of fantastic activities in PE over the last few weeks. We have learned many new skills and worked very hard to perfect them. We have jumped, balanced, skipped and been very brave in doing so. Well done Nursery! 👏  

Year One’s Multi skills

We’ve been practising our multi skills in PE! Dan taught us and reminded us about a range of skills relating to jumps, balancing, throwing and catching and we got to put ourselves to the test! Well done everyone! 🏆

P.E. in Year Five

In their P.E. session this week, Year Five focused upon their invasion game skills. It was great to see a magnificent range of teamwork and communication skills on display. Children thought carefully about their movements when carrying the ball and decisions behind passes made.  

Year Four gymnasts

Year Four have been learning and practising a variety of rolls in PE. Luckily, we have some super gymnasts who have been leading the warm ups and stretching at the beginning of the lessons.

Invasion Games in Year Five

This half-term within our P.E. lessons with Dan, we have been focusing on invasion games. This has seen us develop our positioning skills over a range of games and also develop of communication skills within a team.  

Nursery’s PE lesson

This week the children have been practising their jumping skills in PE. They have been jumping from spot to spot with both feet together. We also practised navigating space, moving around the room without bumping into our friends!  

Electrical Dance in Year Five

Within our P.E. lessons this half term, we have been focusing upon dance. This has been linked to the theme of sustainability. So far, we have thought carefully about implementing cannons effectively alongside examples of motifs. The children have been using their collaboration skills through working well within a team to share their ideas.