Levers in Year One 

We’ve completed our Design and Technology unit by adding leavers to set our houses alight like in London in 1666! 🔥 We had to design the lever considering how it would move, create a list of things that we would need and then make and evaluate our work, thinking about how we could improve them […]

Bakers in Year One 

This week we have become Thomas Farrynor and have been baking our own bread! 🍞 We followed instructions to make the bread and even created a list of bossy imperative verbs to help us write our own instructions. We loved tasting the bread and of course we remembered to turn off the oven unlike the […]

Tracing Viking Territories in Year Five

This week in our history lesson, we identified former Viking territories using modern-day maps. To do this, we learnt all about suffixes which were associated with Viking legacies and researched the meaning behind these. It was lovely to see the children combining their history and geography skills together.  

Historical Discussion in Year Five

This week in our history lesson, we thought carefully about the Vikings raids which took place over Anglo-Saxon England. We mapped crucial events in chronological order and using a line graph decided if the particular action saw them in increase control over prized England!  

Year One’s visit to Ford Green Hall

Year One visited Ford Green Hall as part of their learning in History about the Great Fire of London 🔥 They met Samuel Pepys who told them all about the events during the fire, learned about rich and poor people and what they would have worn or eaten and even made a marzipan fruit! They […]

Jan Griffier in Year One

We’ve been finding out about Jan Griffier, an artist that was alive during the Great Fire of London! 🔥 Although he wasn’t in London during the fire, he visited not long after and painted what London would have looked like during the inferno! 🌆 We studied his work, sharing our opinions and then sketched from […]

Mr Egypt visiting Year Three

Mr Egypt came and shared his 53 year passion about Ancient Egypt with authentic artefacts. He narrated so much about gods, pharaohs and queens. The children particularly enjoyed learning about the discovery of the Tutankhamun’s tomb and mummification. What a great day!

Chronology in Year One

Year One have been thinking about London now and then as part of their History learning about the Great Fire of London 🔥 They had to study pictures for clues and sort them according to whether or not they were old pictures or current day. They then had to use their maths understanding to help […]

Year Three : ‘Walk like an Egyptian’

Year Three are truly embracing the new topic this term. As historians, the children are embarking to research more information from artefacts, books, testimonies about Ancient Egypt using our interactive display in the classroom. So much learning!

Mosaics in Year Four

The children have used a combination of their history knowledge, art skills and understanding of area in maths to design and create these wonderful mosaics. After designing their Roman themed creations, they worked out the area of each colour then arranged the ‘tesserae’ to produce their final piece of work, which they will be taking […]