Toys in Year One

Year One have been finding out more about old and new toys. They considered what toys were made from, how they were made and how they were played with. They learned that many old toys are made from wood, with lots of new toys being made in factories and from plastic. Some of the old […]

Roman Food Tasting in Year Four

The children have been tasting a variety of a Roman foods this week to help them to decide on the final design for their Roman bread rolls that they are making. The tasted a range of foods, including figs, olives, dates, apples, pears, cheese and honey! Yum!

Year Four visit to Chester

Year Four had a wonderful day in Chester, learning all about The Romans. They enjoyed participating in a Roman workshop, exploring the museum and being trained as Roman Soldiers while out on parade around Chester. A fantastic day had by all!

Remembrance Day in Reception

This week we have been learning about why we have Remembrance Day. We read a lovely story Called A Day to Remember, which helped us to understand a little bit more. We then used our creative skills in the classroom  to re act, paint,  collage and colour.

Hillside Primary Remembers

This morning Mr Such, with the support of our Year Five pupils, shared a Remembrance assembly with the children of Hillside. The assembly focused on peace and how soldiers past and present have contributed their lives to this. Mr Such also focused on our local area, with the children of Key Stage Two all creating […]

Penny for the Guy in Nursery

We learned all about Guy Fawkes and his failed plan to blow up the king! We then created our very own Guy Fawkes using uniform and newspaper! 🗞 We think he’s amazing, don’t you? 🤩

Commemorating Remembrance in Year Five

It was a pleasure to have a visit from Mr Such this week in Year Five as he spoke to us about Remembrance in preparation for his assembly on Friday. The children listened very well and recognised the significance of remembering those who contributed efforts in wars past and present.  

Reception learn about the Gunpowder Plot

This week Reception have been learning about the story of the Gunpowder Plot. They were excited to learn about Guy Fawkes and his foiled plot to kill King James. The children used the masks o recreate the story.

Transport in Year One

Year One have learned about the history of transport as part of their learning about the local area. They’ll be completing a transport survey when they visit Milton later this week 🚘🚛⛴️✈️and considering why they see certain forms of transport locally more than others.

Greek Chronology in Year Five

Within their history lessons, Year Five are focusing on the curious ancient Greeks. This week, our focus was on chronology as we thought carefully about the formation of timelines. Carefully, we considered how changes in time can be demonstrated through space on a timeline. Here is our timeline which we assembled using our bodies.