Year Two at Peak Wildlife

Year Two have been to Peak Wildlife this week. They looked out for African animals and learnt about their habitats.

Genetic Mutation Game in Year Six

We have played a game of Chinese pictures (a deviation of Chinese whispers) to illustrate how genetic mutations occur in offspring. We noticed that each time we showed the person next to us a picture of our drawing, they copied it slightly different, which is what happens in cells over time.

Year Three enjoyed a day at Chester Zoo

Year Three had a fantastic day consolidating their learning about South America and the rainforest in Geography and observing animals in real life in Science. Our workshop about the rainforest was so informative. We learnt more about the layers of the rainforest and the impact of deforestation. We saw butterflies, bats, monkeys, anteater and many […]

Nursery’s First Time Exploring the Woods 🌳

We have had lots of fun in the woods this week! 🌳  It was was exciting to wear our forest school clothes and go exploring in the forest! Miss Hewitt and Mrs Snow were so impressed with how sensible and enthusiastic we were! 🤩 Super learning and adventuring Nursery! 👏

Science in Year One

Year One continued their science topic about plants and trees🌲 🌳 and have learned new vocabulary! Ask them where the crown 👑 of the tree is and what happens to a deciduous tree in the autumn. They should also be able to tell you about evergreen trees and what their leaves are like – remind […]

Science in Year One

Year One have started their learning around plants this week. They began to consider what a plant is, where they might find them and why and went on a plant hunt in and around the school grounds. They really had to study the area to spot flowering plants due to the season but then found […]

Investigating Water Resistance in Year Five

Our learning in forces has continued as we focused on air resistance. The children completed an investigation where they were challenged to see if they could find the most streamlined shape. They used their scientific skills to time the falls precisely and we took an average to increase reliability.  

Year Four: The digestive system

We had an amazing time recreating the digestive system using a range of equipment. Our food entered the ‘mouth’, travelled downtown the ‘oesophagus’, into the ‘stomach’ and through the ‘intestines’ before leaving our digestive system through the ‘anus’.

Science Investigations in Reception

We are doing a science experiment to see how we can stop our apples going brown. We came up with some brilliant ideas, such as adding water, vinegar, milk, apple juice or lemon juice. We are going to observe them over the next day or two to see what happens.    

Year Four teeth

The children have been learning about the different teeth types and their functions. Using play-doh, they made models of the different teeth and researched the jobs that they do.