Year Four Explorers

Our super scientists have been out in our wonderful grounds this week, hunting for invertebrates. They have identified them using classification keys and recorded their findings in a tally chart.😊  

Filtering and separating materials in Year Five

In our science lessons, we have continued to look closely at the properties of different materials. This week, we investigated separating materials once they have dissolved or been mixed into a solution. We looked closely at filtering to help us to separate the materials.  

Year Five’s Space Camp Experience

Last week, we successfully held a residential space camp with our Year Five children at school. The camp started with their science lesson on Thursday afternoon, where in their current topic of Earth and Space they were investigating what causes the shape of different craters on the moon. They then returned to school at 17:30, in […]

Pizza making in Reception

As part of our story The Little Red Hen makes a Pizza, we have made our own muffin pizzas. We talked about what we thought would happen when we put the pizzas in the oven. We thought that the sauce would get hot and the cheese would melt. We chose our own toppings and we […]

Year Four Enrichment Day

This week, our Year Four children have spent a day in our woodland area, appreciating nature, learning how to care for the environment and discovering what lives in our school grounds, as well as developing their resilience, collaborative and risk taking skills. We finished the day with s’mores, cooked on our campfire 🔥!

Budding scientists in Reception

Following on from our Evil Pea story this week, where Evil Pea froze all of the veggies, we have been exploring ice! We talked about what the ice balloons felt like, what they thought might be inside, and how they think the round shapes were made. The children came up with some fantastic answers and […]

Nursery: Old McDonald had a Farm!

This week we have been reading the story ‘Old McDonald had a Farm’, we all enjoyed singing the song and choosing our own animals to put on his farm, we each drew a picture of our chosen animal and had a go of labelling it too! We’ve also been busy building farmhouses, practising cutting skills […]

Sorting materials and their properties in Year Five

Last week in our science lesson, we introduced our new learning on materials. The children demonstrated a great understanding of the different materials which exist in the world and their different properties. Their challenge was to sort the materials depending on their different properties. For example, they used magnets and a sieve to effectively separate […]

Nursery’s EGGciting Delivery

This week the Nursery children have been learning about the lifecycle of a hen as part of their topic ‘On The Farm’. On Wednesday we had a very special delivery of eggs. We used lollipop sticks to pick out children’s names and those children carefully selected the 7 eggs, that all look different, to put in […]

Year Four ‘Smaths’

Our Year Fours have been using their mathematical knowledge during their science lesson this week, when presenting their data from their investigation on melting points of different materials. 😊