Year Five’s Space Camp Experience

Last week, we successfully held a residential space camp with our Year Five children at school. The camp started with their science lesson on Thursday afternoon, where in their current topic of Earth and Space they were investigating what causes the shape of different craters on the moon. They then returned to school at 17:30, in their comfy clothes and explored moon phases and were challenged to model them using Oreos. We then set up camp in the hall and then ventured outside for their star gazing session with binoculars and a star gazing app on the iPads to identify the constellations in our night sky! Thursday ended with a film, hot chocolate and biscuits before they got settled down in their beds for the night.

After an early start on Friday to pack up their camp, the children enjoyed breakfast, before embarking on another day of space themed learning including an interactive Star Dome experience with an expert physician.