Diwali in Reception

This week, Reception have had a fantastic time learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali. After reading the story of Rama and Sita,  the children acted it out as well as making play dough diva lamps, Diwali cards and lots of rangoli patterns. We also did some Diwali yoga and Indian dancing before writing out […]

Prayer in Year Two

In Year Two, we have been learning about the values that Jesus taught to Christians. We then discussed some of the things Christians were thankful for in the world and how Christians thanked God. The children discussed that prayer was a way for Christians to thank God. The children then looked at a range of […]

Creation in Year One

Year One have been learning about the creation of the world today as part of their learning in RE 🌎 They used drama, poetry and singing to retell the Christian story of creation – their favourite day was the seventh, when they all got to rest! See if we can retell the story at home […]

Year Six R.E. visitor.

Children have enjoyed having Mr Such in class today to talk about his Christian faith. Prior to the lesson, children prepared questions to ask Mr Such. They asked very mature questions such as ‘Do you ever doubt your faith?’ and ‘As a Christian, how do you help others?’. Thank you to Mr Such for visiting […]

Reception: Jesus blesses the children

This week we have been learning about Jesus, who is a special person to Christians. We listened to the story of Jesus blessing the children and learned how originally the disciples didn’t believe children to be important enough to meet Jesus. However, Jesus told them that all children were special and he wanted to bless […]

A visit from Mr Such in Year Two

The Year Two children have been learning about sacred places in RE. They have discussed the church many times over their time at Hillside, so this time, they put all their questions about the church in a letter to Mr Such. This week, he came in to discuss the answers with the children.

Hinduism in Year Six

Children have continued their learning about Hinduism and Dharma (rebirth), Karma (what goes around comes around) and Moksha (heaven) by playing a game of Moksha Chittirum (snakes and ladders with a twist). Children drew good actions on green tiles and bad actions on red tiles. The green tiles were placed at the foot of the […]

Reception’s visit to St Philip & St James’s church

As part of our RE learning about special places, Reception visited the local church in Milton, where we went in a treasure hunt to find lots of the special features that you might find in a Christian church. The children thoroughly enjoyed the visit and learned lots of new facts.

RE in Year Four

During Our recent RE lesson, we thought about the symbolism of water. The children wrote words to describe water and then washed some of them away. We learnt that Christians use water for baptism because it has many different symbolic meanings. Over the next few weeks we will remember this work when looking at examples […]