Judaism Assembly

Martin from Newcastle synagogue came to talk to the children about Judaism. He brought along lots of interesting artefacts, such as a menorah, tallit shawl and lots of mezuzahs. He also described what each of them was used for. The children were fascinated and asked lots of pertinent questions.  

RE afternoon in Reception

This week the whole school took part in an RE afternoon where the 4 main religions in our curriculum were studied. The children were most excited to learn that they were swapping classes to learn about The 5 Pillars of Islam, the Hindu festival of Holi, Easter and the Jewish festival of Passover.

Year Three and RE afternoon

Year Three learnt a lot about Hinduism and Islam! They visited Year 6 and Year 4 classrooms and impressed the class teachers with their learning attitude. Well done!  

Year One’s Easter Singing!

Year One have been practising their Easter songs 🐣 this week in preparation for the church service next week! They’ll be learning about the Easter story (as well as singing about chocolate!) and have practised their musical tune, pace, singing in chorus and actions! 🎵  

Year One’s Mezuzahs 

Year One have been making their own Mezuzahs which are linked to learning in RE ✡️ Mezuzahs are used by Jewish people who have them on their doors so that as they pass through the rooms of their house they remember their faith and how important their God is, as part of the Shema prayer, […]

Being thankful in Reception

This week we have been learning about how Christians say thank you to God. We learned a song called Thank you Lord for this new day, which we really enjoyed singing. We also remembered how we celebrated Harvest in the Autumn term and how we collected food for the food bank. We then thought very […]

Islam in Year Two

Year Two have been learning about Islam recently. This week, they learnt about a story called A Slave Set Free. They acted the story out before creating jigsaws based on a scene from the story.

Year One’s Showcase

Year One loved learning alongside their parents this week during their showcase! They stitched their own toys 🧸, made old-fashioned cup and ball toys, created decorations for their Christmas tree 🎄 including a king 👑 from the Christmas Nativity Story, made sparkly lanterns and sang some festive songs beautifully! 🎶 Thank you to everyone who […]

The story of Noah and the Ark in Year Three

In RE, the children have been focusing on the story of Noah and the Ark. Part of their learning has been focused on the promise God made at the end of the story and the symbol of his promise. The children thought about the importance of promises and wrote promises to their table group to […]

The Christmas Story in Nursery

This week, the children have been learning about the Christmas story, they have listened to the story’s, practised singing their Christmas songs for the church that tell us about the birth of Jesus and they have used the nativity scene to retell the story. Well done nursery!