RE Day in Reception

During our RE afternoon and we were thinking about prayer and worship. 💒 We talked about how and why people pray before moving on to creating our own religious artefacts. We made labyrinths, which some people use to help focus their thoughts, wooden crosses, stained glass windows and religious crosswords. The children had a lovely […]

Special places in Reception

This half term in RE we are focusing on special places. The children went on a treasure hunt to find jigsaw pieces which, when put together , make a picture of Mrs Ashton’s special place at school. Can you guess where it is?

Reception’s Church Treasure Hunt

As part of their learning on Christianity and Easter, Reception went on a treasure hunt around the local church. They had to find several features such as a font, pulpit and candles. They had great fun exploring and enjoyed seeing some of the artefacts that we had been learning about in class.  

Year One: Easter at Church

The whole school visited Milton Church this week and Year One particularly enjoyed finding out about the Christian festival of Easter and how Jesus died and rose again ⛪️ They sang the songs with enthusiasm, performed the jelly bean prayer with clarity and worked together to consider what each colour in the prayer represented 🙏 […]

Exploring Jewish festivities in Year Three

All about Ross Hashanah. This half term, we are exploring all the festivities that are celebrated by people who belong to the Jewish faith. Year Three made a ‘shofar’ which is blown to signal the start of the new year.

A Christmas Story in EYFS

The children in Reception and Nursery have been busy practising their performance of the Christmas Story this half term, they have been retelling the story using actions and learning lots of new songs to tell the story. They were all amazing at performing in front of their audiences last week and made us very proud […]

Christmas artwork in Reception

This week, Reception have been focusing on careful brushstrokes to create the branches on their Christmas trees. We have also talked about and experimented with colour mixing to create a variety of shades of green for the leaves. We think that they are going to look amazing!  

Hanukkah in Reception

This week Reception have been learning about the Jewish festival of Hanukkah. They were fascinated by the story of the Macabees and enjoyed creating their own scrolls like the Torah and collage Menorahs.  

Around the world with Reception

This week we have been learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali. Hindus retell the story of Rama and Sita at Diwali time and we discovered that in the story, Sita was taken to the island of Sri Lanka. We found out where Sri Lanka was and marked it on our world map.

Reflective Forgiveness Art in Year Five

Within our R.E. this week, we got creative and reflective as we prepared a piece of art which could go into Coventry Cathedral. Over the last few weeks, we have been learning about Coventry Cathedral and how they showed forgiveness and holiness in the wake of a World War Two bombing raid. It was wonderful […]