Hanukkah in Reception

This week Reception have been learning about the Jewish festival of Hanukkah. They were fascinated by the story of the Macabees and enjoyed creating their own scrolls like the Torah and collage Menorahs.  

Around the world with Reception

This week we have been learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali. Hindus retell the story of Rama and Sita at Diwali time and we discovered that in the story, Sita was taken to the island of Sri Lanka. We found out where Sri Lanka was and marked it on our world map.

Reflective Forgiveness Art in Year Five

Within our R.E. this week, we got creative and reflective as we prepared a piece of art which could go into Coventry Cathedral. Over the last few weeks, we have been learning about Coventry Cathedral and how they showed forgiveness and holiness in the wake of a World War Two bombing raid. It was wonderful […]

Bible Stories in Year Two

In RE, the children retold the story of Matthew the Tax Collector. They realised that Jesus showed friendship and this was important for everyone.

Jesus calms the storm in Reception

This week we had a visit from someone very special, Tessa, the puppet from our local church. Tessa is a Christian and she brought her special book, the Bible to share with us. Tessa read the story of Jesus calming the storm, whilst the children acted it out. It was such a special visit and […]

RE in Reception

This term we have been learning about different places of worship and this week our focus was the Muslim place of worship, the Mosque. We talked about the traditions and practices that Muslims follow when attending the mosque. We found it fascinating to learn about how Muslims wash and take their shoes off before entering […]

The Easter Story

Reception have been finding out about the Easter story this week. We went on a treasure hunt to find clues to help us to retell the story. We collected the clues on our story sticks. We found grey felt for the donkey, feathers for the birds in the temple, a goblet for the last supper, […]

Judaism Assembly

Martin from Newcastle synagogue came to talk to the children about Judaism. He brought along lots of interesting artefacts, such as a menorah, tallit shawl and lots of mezuzahs. He also described what each of them was used for. The children were fascinated and asked lots of pertinent questions.  

RE afternoon in Reception

This week the whole school took part in an RE afternoon where the 4 main religions in our curriculum were studied. The children were most excited to learn that they were swapping classes to learn about The 5 Pillars of Islam, the Hindu festival of Holi, Easter and the Jewish festival of Passover.

Year Three and RE afternoon

Year Three learnt a lot about Hinduism and Islam! They visited Year 6 and Year 4 classrooms and impressed the class teachers with their learning attitude. Well done!