Sorting Shapes in Year Two

The children in year two have been learning about shapes and their properties. They were challenged to sort them in different ways using the new vocabulary they have learnt.

Fractions in Year Five

The children in Year Five started a new unit in our maths as we embark on our fractions learning. The children used fraction tiles to identify equivalent fractions as we began to remind ourselves of the function behind the numerator and denominator. We have also begun to use counters to support us in converting between […]

Year Three: New Unit in Maths

Year Three are looking at multiplication and division facts. Here, we are looking at sharing and grouping with concrete resources. Lot of fun!

Halloween Maths Fun in Nursery

This week we have been decorating some halloween biscuits, we have used sweets and chocolate chips and practised our one to one counting to create some spooky faces! 🎃 👻

Brazil Day in Year Three

What a fabulous day we had in our Brazil day! We took off to Rio de Janeiro, wrote a holiday leaflet and created a Maths game called ‘The rainforest hunt’. In the afternoon, we have learnt more about how Brazilians live and we prepared ourselves for a carnival. Lots of fun!

One more, one less in Reception

This week we have been working out what is one more or one less than a number. We began by using real objects, progressed onto counting fixed objects and some of us even worked out the answers using just the numerals. We love our maths learning in Reception!  

Microbit coding in Year Six

Children have been creating code for a microbit, which is a circuit board that can do a multitude of things, such as count steps, play music, listen to sound and light up. Today, we have been practising making a stepmother, which plays music and congratulates you when you reach a certain number of steps.

Year Five’s STEM Day at RAF Cosford

On Tuesday, we continued our learning on forces when we visited the RAF base at Cosford. We completed three activates (Rockets, Rover Release and Asteroid Field) as well as had an informative walk around the museum and airplane hangars. Within our activities we had to think carefully about forces and how they were applied to […]

Year One’s Maths in the Woods!

Year One have visited the woods to help with their ordering and counting in Maths. They played hide and seek with numbers and thought of some very clever hiding places (even losing a caterpillars head 🐛 somewhere up there!) Once they found the different numbers they had to sequence them together and practise their counting […]

Place value in in Year Two

Over the last two weeks, Year Two have been learning about tens and ones in maths. They have used a range of manipulatives to help them partition numbers into tens and ones but also flexibly. Super work!