Chesley Bonestell Art Research in Year Five

For our learning in art, we’ve been focusing on Chelsey Bonestell. He is best known for his slogan, ‘A brush in the Future’ and his pioneering space art. Here are the children getting creative and designing their own portfolio fact files based on space art. We can’t wait to start preparing are own designs inspired […]

Remembrance Day in Reception

This week we have been learning about why we have Remembrance Day. We read a lovely story Called A Day to Remember, which helped us to understand a little bit more. We then used our creative skills in the classroom  to re act, paint,  collage and colour.

Year Four Art Research

Year Four have carried out some fantastic research about Antonio Gaudi and his mosaic architecture. They have presented their work by using a range of sketches, facts, patterns and colours. Super work from everyone!

Year Three Artists

We explored the work of Nick Gustafson and practiced some oil pastel techniques. Some great blending, impasto and layer/ scratching were produced.

Nursery’s Self Portraits

This week we have been busy learning about ourselves, we have started the topic by looking at ourselves in the mirror identifying our features and painting our self. We have all done a great job and thought carefully about what colours we needed for the different features!

Reception’s Arctic Artwork

This week Reception, have been creating artwork based on Arctic animals from the story ‘Mama, Do you love me?’ They used a range of cold colours to represent the snow and ice and some warmer colours for the  animals.

Reception: A walk in Paris

This week Reception have been learning all about France, through the story A Walk in Paris. The children have learned to say Hello in French as well as a number of other words. They have also learned the song Frere Jacques, which they loved. In the provision, the children deepened their understanding with activities about […]

Inspired artwork in Reception

This week Reception have been looking at the work of French artist, Matisse. As we are also learning about snails this week, we paid particular attention to his piece, The Snail. The children have created their own versions of the snail using cut out shapes and we think they are fantastic!

Year One’s Artwork

Year One have been continuing to learn about Henri Rousseau. They have drawn from observation – focussing on what they can actually see rather than what they think they can see! We will be creating background washes, animals and then foregrounds to help hide them as our final pieces! 🖼️

Coronation Celebrations in Reception

Reception have been celebrating the upcoming Coronation of King Charles. Everyone looked fantastic in their coronation outfits. We have learned lots about the royal family and where they live in London as well as making fantastic crowns for our afternoon tea. 🇬🇧👑