Bakers in Year One 

This week we have become Thomas Farrynor and have been baking our own bread! 🍞 We followed instructions to make the bread and even created a list of bossy imperative verbs to help us write our own instructions. We loved tasting the bread and of course we remembered to turn off the oven unlike the […]

Year One’s Instructions 

In English we’re investigating instructions as part of our learning. We’ve spotted different features such as a title, numbers to order, a ‘you will need’ list with bullet points and noticed that they were bossy, using bossy verbs (imperative verbs) to begin. We’ll be baking bread and writing our own instructions next week! 🌟

Behind the Scenes at the Theatre Year Five

Following on from watching an engaging live performance of the Wizard of Oz and Year Five enjoyed a magnificent workshop held by the experienced performers. During the workshop, we met all the actors, discussed the science and logistics behind the show and even how the sound and light control work. It was great to see […]

Year One’s Book Week!

Year One have loved book week, sharing a brew and a book with their family and finding out about Florence Nightingale, the lady with the lamp who changed health care for the better! 👩‍⚕️ They researched Florence, shared facts about her life and then created their own fact files. Well done everyone! 👏 See what […]

Nursery: Old McDonald had a Farm!

This week we have been reading the story ‘Old McDonald had a Farm’, we all enjoyed singing the song and choosing our own animals to put on his farm, we each drew a picture of our chosen animal and had a go of labelling it too! We’ve also been busy building farmhouses, practising cutting skills […]

Year Two: Fact files in English

Year Two are preparing to write non-chronological reports in English based on crocodiles. Before starting, they went onto the laptops to complete fact files. They collected the facts from their own research and what they already know.

Year Three: The Egyptian Cinderella

To immerse ourselves deeper into the story and to really understand the sequence of the story, we performed freeze frames. This is really informing us with our extended writing.

Digital Writing in Year Two

Year Two are learning the skills to enable them to produce a piece of digital writing. In this lesson, they learnt new keyboard keys and typed their name at speed.

Researching Lowry in Year Six

We have been finalising our Lowry research pages this afternoon in class. They’re looking amazing and really informative too!

Map work in Reception

This week, Reception have been reading the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Following on from that, they have created their own maps of the forest that Little Red Riding Hood travelled through. We discussed the Tyrone of features that might be included on a map and they included houses, trees and the path way.