A Christmas Story in Year Two

We have had a very exciting surprise in year two! Just as we were about to begin English, we heard sleigh bells and found a magical parcel! It contained a Christmas story 🎅 We went outside to see if we could see anything strange going on before returning to the classroom to read the first […]

Remembrance Day in Reception

This week we have been learning about why we have Remembrance Day. We read a lovely story Called A Day to Remember, which helped us to understand a little bit more. We then used our creative skills in the classroom  to re act, paint,  collage and colour.

Non-Chronological Reporters in Year Three

Year Three continues to explore animals from the rainforest and are preparing themselves to write a non-chronological report. Today, they identified the features through group work and discussions.

Reception learn about the Gunpowder Plot

This week Reception have been learning about the story of the Gunpowder Plot. They were excited to learn about Guy Fawkes and his foiled plot to kill King James. The children used the masks o recreate the story.

Brazil Day in Year Three

What a fabulous day we had in our Brazil day! We took off to Rio de Janeiro, wrote a holiday leaflet and created a Maths game called ‘The rainforest hunt’. In the afternoon, we have learnt more about how Brazilians live and we prepared ourselves for a carnival. Lots of fun!

Phonics in Year One

In phonics we’ve been playing games and reading words with the sounds we’ve been learning, rolling the dice to take turns and land on different words! We also had to check our friends were reading them correctly – amazing team work! 🏆 We also practised our tricky words using the link below – well done […]

Year Three and our thesaurus.

We learnt to up level and improve our choice of words with a thesaurus. From now on, we will never say ‘I’m hungry’ again. We will use famished, ravenous or starving instead!

Nursery’s Listening Ears

This week we have put on our big listening ears and been for a walk around the school. We listened carefully to hear lots of different sounds , we heard teachers, children, music, toilets flushing, phones ringing, noses blowing and an aeroplane! We all had a great time and really tuned in to the different sounds […]

Nursery: Our Family 

This week Nursery have continued their learning about themselves and have been talking about their families. The children have been talking about who lives in their house and creating pictures showing their family members. Well done Nursery, it has been lovely to find out some more about you!

Jesus calms the storm in Reception

This week we had a visit from someone very special, Tessa, the puppet from our local church. Tessa is a Christian and she brought her special book, the Bible to share with us. Tessa read the story of Jesus calming the storm, whilst the children acted it out. It was such a special visit and […]