Year Six’s English lesson in the woods

To supplement our learning of figurative language in tension writing, children have been up to the woods to find things that they can bring to life with personification, metaphors and similes. They used their senses to take in the environment and made some wonderful comparisons.
Here are some of the sentences they wrote:
“The leaves slept lifeless on the floor”

“The bird’s sang like a choir in a theatre hall”
“The branches of trees held hands”
“The trees held the leaves but in the wind they lost their grip”

“The sun peered down between the trees”

“The log solemnly stretched across the woodland floor with no hope of life”

“The green leaves swayed softly on the finger-like branches.”
“The nettles stood ominously waiting for their next victim.”
“As I walked over the undergrowth, the leaves and twigs yelled out in pain”
“The leaves danced to the melody of the peaceful wind.”

“The log sat still, all alone, waiting for the presence of human life.”