World Book Week at Hillside

World Book Week has been a huge success again! We have immersed the children in high quality texts to promote a love of reading. The week began with an unusual sighting of a UFO hovering over the school and debris left on the field. The children were faced with CCTV footage, witness statements and a letter from the alien creatures on board the UFO. This stimulus provided the perfect stimulus for the children’s non-fiction writing that continued throughout the week. Many of the other Book Week activities focused on non-fiction texts to encourage the children to read this genre of books. The children dressed as a factual, non-fiction character, to share a favourite non-fiction book and to complete writing, research and other related activities to encourage the use of this genre. Other activities included book hunts, quizzes, book tasting, teacher swapsies and an incredible theatre performance of a much-loved classic: The Railway Children.

We just wanted to take the time to thank you, the parents, for supporting us with this very busy but amazing week to celebrate our love of books at Hillside. The staff have planned some wonderful activities and kept the magic of reading alive throughout the week- so thank you to all of the staff too and finally thank you to the children, whose smiles, enthusiasm and love of learning make it all worthwhile!