Welcome back Snowflake!

Hello Hillside! It’s a special day today – yes I have arrived (and I am relaxing in your beautifully decorated tree – love the baubles!), but it also the start of Advent! 24 sleeps until Christmas Day!

I know it has been a tough year, but you have done so well and have worked so hard (I’ve been working on my cursive writing – can you tell you have inspired me?) I am here to help make you feel full of happiness and joy so by the time Christmas comes, you will have so much love and kindness and Christmas spirit in your heart, you will be close to bursting! Here is a fun joke to try out: What do you have in December that’s not in any other month? The letter D. Tee hee!

I know that spotting me in the tree or having your own elves arrive at home has sent you in to a frenzy of excitement so here is a little relaxation exercise to help you feel calm during the day or to feel relaxed when you go to bed tonight…

Silent snow listening!

Close your eyes and stay as still as possible. Imagine there is snow all around you. It is very silent. Stay very still and quiet and listen to any sounds you might hear. The more still and quiet you are, the more you will be aware of the sounds around you. Your positive thought today is ‘I am special’. How many times can you say it to yourself? (Make sure your adults join in too!)

I will post to the app again soon and I wonder where you will spot me causing mischief tomorrow…