**Urgent** Viral TikTok Video

A recent video originating on Facebook Live depicting a man dying by suicide has made its way across popular social media platforms.

When viral events happen information can travel quickly, often before full details have emerged. You should note that details, videos and images are still being shared online, which can be distressing for many young people and others.

The Facts:

The video was originally broadcast last week on Facebook and shows a man ending his life.

The video shows the graphic depiction of his death and the emergency services responding. It will likely distress anyone who watches it, particularly children and young people.

Our team have reviewed a number of viral TikTok videos discussing the man’s death, using pictures from the original video – there appears to be a number of accounts asking where they can find the video.

We have concerns that some TikTok users are discussing how they ‘felt nothing’ after seeing the video, which may push users toward the video to compare how they felt.

Links to the full video are being circulated via TikTok and Instagram.

Please see above communication from the local authority.