TTRS Year 6 City Wide Rock Off

Our Year 6 children were nothing less than inspirational during the city wide rock off that took place during the final week of the last half term. They battled tirelessly in the competition and played at every available opportunity including giving up their break and lunch times to ensure their class ranked highly on the leaderboard.


The scores are finally in and are as follows:


School Place: 5th Place (Out of 40 schools)

Class Place: 8th Place (Out of 50 classes)


I also wanted to take this moment to share a very special achievement…


One of our children came 2nd in the whole city. When you consider there are over 1,500 children taking part this really is an incredible feat! So…Well done Kylan- Thompson. Your determination and skill has paid off.


Year 6 you are all incredible and should be so proud of you. The staff at Hillside certainly are. There will be lots of prizes to follow during the first week back.