Times Tables Rock Stars

As we near the end of the autumn term, I thought I would update you all on the current leader board for each class to show which children have answered the most questions correctly. Below shows the top three times tables champions from each year group (Year 2 to Year 6).

We would like to congratulate all the children for continuing to practise this key skill and we hope this continues.

Year 2:

1.       Brooke
2.       Alex C
3.       Harry

Year 3:

1.       Finley
2.       Mylene
3.       Ifechi

Year 4:

1.       Albie
2.       Emmett
3.       Danielle

Year 5:

1.       William
2.       Ezmai
3.       Olivia S

Year 6:

1.       Bella
2.       Lewis
3.       Cole

We have got lots of mini tournaments planned for individual year groups against other schools in the city over the spring term (keep your eyes peeled for information about this) and there is a whole school Rock Stars maths day coming up soon! So lots of exciting maths events to look forward to.

Thank you, to you, our parents and carers, for your continued support with home learning.