Sport & PE

Hillside Primary School has a large playing field with our own football pitch, two hard surface play grounds and two halls where Physical Education activities can take place.  We have an agility trail for KS1 and a superb outdoor learning environment with fixed play equipment and outdoor classroom.  KS2 have a newly installed play trail adjacent to the KS2 playground and school field.

Physical Education plays an important role in the physical and social development of the individual pupil.   It also provides an opportunity for success.   At Hillside provision is made as follows:

Key Stage 1 – In each year pupils are taught three areas of activity, Games, Gymnastic Activities and Dance, using indoor and outdoor activities where appropriate.   Pupils in Year 2 attend swimming lessons (10 half hour lessons per year).

Key Stage 2 – Pupils are encouraged to participate in six areas of activity, Dance, Gymnastics, Games, Swimming, Outdoor Adventurous Activities and Athletics.   In addition, Y6 pupils are encouraged to undertake a one week residential outdoor activity course.

Hillside Primary School encourages team sports and has school teams in football, netball, athletics, cross country and swimming.   The teams have had considerable success in the past and have gained many titles and trophies.   Some pupils further their interests by representing their sport at town and city level.   External agencies are welcomed to assist with coaching when necessary.

Our school currently offers a range of after school sports clubs, accessed by children from all Key Stages, including Fizzy Totz, Multi-skills, Football, Cross Country, Netball, Cricket, Hockey, Tae-kwon-do, Street Dance and Athletics.  Some clubs will run throughout the year however others will run at various times of the year.  Where possible clubs will be provided free of charge however there may be a small fee charged by coaches for some of the clubs.   Coaches will be used to prepare children for tournaments and performances, offering specialist training to support ‘Team Hillside’.

Our annual Sports Day is the end of year whole school sporting event where family and friends are welcome to come along to join in the fun and lend their support.

If your child is not able to take part in P.E. or swimming then we will need a signed note from a parent or guardian.

Our PE kit is shown on our School Uniform page within the Parents section of this website and detailed on the School Dress Policy.  All items of clothing and equipment should be clearly marked with the child’s name. Children will be involved in active lessons outside and occasionally this may mean playing sports on a muddy field! It is expected that every child has a PE kit for every PE lesson.

Swimming Lessons Y2 – Y6

As part of our on-going P.E provision, we provide the children with yearly swimming lessons.

The Department for education states that:

The government is committed to ensuring swimming takes place in schools. Swimming is a compulsory part of the current national curriculum for PE and will remain a compulsory part of the new curriculum when it is released.

By the end of Key Stage 2 (age 11), pupils should be taught to swim unaided for a distance of at least 25 metres, using recognised strokes, on their front and back, and demonstrate an understanding of water safety. It is up to primary schools to decide when, and at what point they wish to teach this.

When pupils are in KS2 years (Years 3-6), swimming activities and water safety must be chosen as one of their areas of activity unless pupils have completed the full KS2 teaching requirements (in relation to swimming activities and water safety) during their Key Stage 1 years (Reception and Years 1 and 2).

Schools can ask for a voluntary contribution towards swimming trips as long as they make it clear that it is voluntary. Schools must not exclude any child because of unwillingness or inability to pay”.

At Hillside we believe that this is best served by enabling the children from Y2 to Y6 to access swimming lessons on a yearly basis.

The timetable for swimming is as follows:
Autumn Term – Y6 – 10 weeks
Spring Term – Y5 – 10 weeks
Summer term – Y2, Y3 and Y4 for 10 weeks

Please note that all pupils, boys and girls, must wear a swimming cap.   Girls must wear a full costume (no bikinis) and boys must wear trunks
(not shorts).

Pupils will not be allowed into the swimming pool if they are wearing any jewellery – all items must be removed before leaving school.

If your child wishes to wear swimming goggles during the lesson, a parent or guardian must complete a permission slip, which can be obtained from the school office.  This must be returned to the class teacher prior to the commencement of the swimming lessons.

Please ensure that all swimming kit, including bags, are clearly marked with your child’s name as it is extremely difficult to trace lost items if they are not labelled correctly.