Snowflake’s Rule! 

Hello Hillside Elves! Snowflake here again and what an adventure I’ve had this week! I was spotted hanging my washing in Year Three – how embarrassing – but then I soon recovered myself and spent Tuesday ruling the school! Do you know, I was very relaxed (and very warm as the heater was on full blast!) in Mrs Schonau’s office this week! I spent the day checking emails, taking calls and liaising with the DfE (Department for Elves not Education obviously!) I have also been taking control of the rather boisterous fruit choir in Year Two – those oranges needed to practise their Christmas tunes!

Would you like to be a secret kindness elf today? Your task is to go around and notice what everyone needs and give them an invisible present. Do they need help? Do they need love? Do they need a smile? Do they need a friend? You could even try out a new joke – who hides in the bakery at Christmas? A mince spy! See how many you can secretly give today. When you’re at home, put on your most comfy socks and maybe sing a little Christmas song! Your positive thought for today is ‘I am bright like a candle’. Have a bright day!