Snowflake’s Adventures! 

Hello Super Stars of Hillside! What an elf-tastic few days I have settling back in to school! Did you know I’ve been scoffing in Nursery and fishing in Year One this week?! I didn’t catch Mr Miyagi the fish though – he’s a whopper! You may also have seen me hanging around in the dining room – I was busy zip-lining to the Christmas tree when school started and I had to freeze! BRR! Speaking of freezing, what do you call an old snowman? Water! Hope that made you giggle!

This weekend, can you look out for where the Christmas spirit of love and kindness is? Look for people being kind and loving towards each other. The more you notice it, the more your heart will be filled with Christmas spirit. It grows like magic. Can you also show some love and kindness and come to school on Monday ready to share the Christmas spirit? I think you can.

Here is a little relaxation exercise to have a go at.

Snowflake in the Wind

Imagine you are a snowflake floating in the wind. Feel yourself becoming so light that you can feel the wind carrying you along. You enjoy feeling light and free. Imagine yourself floating further and further into the air, feeling totally supported by the wind. Your positive thought today is ‘I am loved’. Keep saying it as much as you can in your head and see how you feel after. Have a lovely weekend – can’t wait to see you on Monday!