School Closure Procedures

In preparation of further inclement weather, please can I remind you all that, despite our best efforts to stay open, on occasions, the weather and the conditions on site may make this impossible. As a result of this, I may, reluctantly have to close the school. The decision to close the school is a serious one. Our main consideration will always be the health and safety of our children and staff. Please be aware that all schools are different and can be affected by such situations in different ways. Hopefully, it will not be necessary to close the school this winter but it is always best to prepare for the eventuality just in case.

Local radio stations including BBC Radio Stoke and Signal Radio will be contacted in order that they can broadcast the closure. This information will also be published on the Stoke-on-Trent City Council Website:

If you access the above website or tune into these stations and there is no mention of Hillside Primary closing, then we are open for business as usual. This is the means by which we will communicate with all parents and I urge you not to phone school because we need to keep the telephone lines clear for staff.

As a secondary communication method a text alert will be sent to the main contact for your child.  Experience suggests that this is not always reliable at times of high demand on mobile networks and demands are greater when travel arrangements are disrupted. We will also aim to publicise the closure via the school’s website and School App although this won’t always be possible. Again, we urge you not to phone the school.

If you update your mobile telephone number please ensure you advise the school office who will then update our system with the new number.

Safety of the site

We are only allowed to use grit within our own school grounds. Please note that any pavements, paths and roads outside of the school grounds is the responsibility of the Local Authority.

Cold weather clothing

Please can you make sure that your children come to school with appropriate clothing. Some children are not bringing suitable coats, hats and scarves and are cold at playtimes. Also, I would encourage pupils to come to school in wellies if it snows. There’s nothing worse than sitting with wet feet all day and if pupils wear wellies or suitable winter boots then they can play in the snow during breaks Don’t forget to bring their school shoes in to wear indoors though!

Kind regards,

Mrs Schonau.