Safer Internet Day – Tuesday 9th February

Tomorrow is Safer Internet Day! Here is a reminder of the task:

Children must decorate the Be SMART poster, which can be found in their home learning pack, in whatever way they wish. It could be pictures of technology, the Be SMART information or with lovely patterns. Once they have finished, please take a photo of your child holding their poster and send it to their home learning email account. The children will receive a reminder of the BE SMART message in their morning Zoom and this PowerPoint will be emailed out to you afterwards.

There are a number of other optional tasks which can be found on the email sent Friday 5th February.

Whether you just complete the core task, take part in the optional task or celebrate in your own way, the key message is simple. When using technology, we must be safe. By following the Be SMART message, children will be able to stay safe in a world increasingly dominated by online technology. Help us to help your children by making the Be SMART message loud and clear.