RSE Day – 25th June 2020

Today is RSE Day, an annual celebration of healthy, positive relationships! Relationships, Sex and Health Education is a statutory element of our curriculum from 2020 (and is taught through our PSHE lessons). This year the theme is ‘Books about love that I love!’ and the activities below could be completed with your children to encourage them to think about who they love, who loves them and how together we build positive relationships based on trust and respect! So why not have a go at one (or more) of the following and send your work to our home learning account to be shared and celebrated?!

  • Read a book that you love, about love! Take a photo of you reading together and talk and share why you love this story! (Send the photo in to school!)
  • Collage a heart using different materials and give it to someone that you love! Take a photo of your heart to share and tell who is the lucky person getting your heart and the reason why! (You could make another heart for a story character if you like!)
  • Using chalk outside (or pencils inside) write ‘Love is…’ and try to finish the sentence!
  • Cut out two hearts. On one write all the things you love about you and on the other, write all the things you love about someone else! Are they similar? Can anyone add to the hearts to show even more love?!

We can’t wait to see what wonderful stories you choose and the love that is shared!