Rock Star Day!!!

Hey Rockerrrssss!!


As you are probably aware, our annual Rock Star Day has had to be cancelled booooooo!!! However, that won’t stop us rocking out to our favourite tunes and practising our key maths skills. I’m sure you all had your outfits prepared and ready to go so why not dress up still? There is a ‘Rock Off’ planned for Years 2,3,4,5 and 6. You will all be able to log on to Times Tables Rock Stars from 9am – 3pm (Tuesday 5th January) where the following bands will battle it out.


Year 5 Vs Year 6
Year 3 Vs Year 4
Year 2 Girls Vs Year 2 Boys


For children in nursery, reception and Year 1, why not try the Topmarks websites to practise key counting and number skills?


If you have any photos in your Rock Star outfits that you would like to share then use the home learning email to send them to your class teachers. They would love to see what you’re getting up to.


Have an awesome day Rockerrrs!