Remembrance Day

We feel very honoured that the beautiful, thoughtful display that the children of Hillside helped to create at Milton Church inspired a member of our community to write the following poem:


The globe, that is Earth, spins on its axis

Wars, raids, attacks come and go.

Today’s allies are yesterday’s enemies,

Remembrance cloaks our mind,

Lost lives, lost loves, lost youth, lost years.

With waves of sadness our hearts are beset.

The scarlet poppy bravely pushes upwards

Towards the warming sun.

Where naught else grows or lies.

A symbol of hope in the mist of despair,

Reminding us “Lest We Forget.”

God’s love transcends all human folly

Forgetting, forgiving, healing….


Anita Oxford
October 2020

As the photograph shows, the display is now in our Reception area and acts as a reminder for our children and a prompt for discussion. We have observed the silence in school today at 11am after spending time talking to the children about Remembrance.
Our thanks to Mrs Bailey who has volunteered to take and lay our wreath at Carmountside as we have not been able to make or usual visit with local schools this year.