Project Potterbot

As part of Hillside’s science week, Year Four children have been involved in the STEM project ‘Potterbot’. This project, created specifically for Stoke-on-Trent, and funded by the Science Across the City project, introduced us to thinking about ‘learning machines’ and their uses in our lives and possibilities for our futures. We were also introduced to algorithms and how they can program computers and robots. We used our imaginations to design a robot to help us with something in our lives and then moved on to creating a ‘Potterbot’, using a motor and an electrical circuit. Our initial creations required lots of ‘tinkering’, small adjustments to improve our robot. Finally, our Potterbots were ready to get moving and produce some kinetic artwork, due to the offset pivot arm which caused the vibrations and the movement! We wonder who enjoyed this the most…the children, or Miss McCann!😀