Parliament Week at Hillside

Last week, Hillside Primary participated in UK Parliament Week. The idea of the week was to learn all about our British Values which include: Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty and Respect and Tolerance of the beliefs of others. The children were all fantastic and as a school there were wonderful discussions. Each class had activities with the British Values at the core of the learning. We also linked it with ‘Votes for Women’ as it is 100 years since women obtained the vote. Y1 made biscuits in the colours of the famous suffragettes, Y2 went on a school march to celebrate winning the vote and Y5 created their own posters to show how passionate and proud they were to be able to finally have the right to a democratic vote. Y3 explored respect and tolerance of others and wrote powerful acrostic poems to show their ideas. Referendums and debates took place in Y4 and Y6, and the children were able to experience what it would be like to be in the House of Commons. All children enjoyed having the choice to vote and having their own opinions heard. Nursery and Reception created a wonderful design of the Houses of Parliament and learnt that London is where many important democratic decisions are made. It was a fantastic week, and the children are now empowered to let their voices be heard. Well done to all who took part!