Investigating in Year One 

We studied a variation of plants🌱 and trees 🌳 during our Science learning to find out what we could spot that was the same and what was different! We added labels to the roots, leaves, stem or trunk and flower (if they had one) and talked about some of the functions of the plants. We now know that the stem of a plant or trunk of a tree help them to stand up – like our spine helps us! 🦴 We also talked about what parts we could see, what parts we couldn’t see and if they changed: the cactus we studied had a flower and we know that we might not see these all year round. 🌸 We also wondered if as the weather changes, we’ll see less plants or leaves as we know that some trees are deciduous and we have more flowers in the warmer months. Can you remember the opposite of deciduous Year One? (Evergreen!) 🌲