Investigating in Year Four

As part of our science topic on digestion and PSHE on growing and changing, Year Four counted their own adult teeth. However, we found that there was a wide range within the class, which led us to wonder why. So we began to think like scientists…one idea was that taller children might have more adult teeth, another was that older children might have more and our final thought was that the number of times you brush your teeth in a day could affect how quickly your milk teeth fall out. So we investigated, to see if we could find any pattern between either, height, age or amount of tooth brushing on the number of adult teeth. Unfortunately, many of our results didn’t show that there was a link, except for when we looked at the height of our girls. In Year Four, we did find that in general, the height of girls did have an effect on the number of adult teeth, taller girls have more adult teeth than shorter girls! We now wonder if this is the same in other KS2 classes – how interesting!