Hello Year Six!


It has been a crazy couple of weeks: I mean, sunshine in March, who’d have thought it? Anyway, I hope you’re all still washing your hands while singing ‘Happy Birthday’ with the same sweet, soothing voices that I am now missing echoing down the Key Stage Two corridors four times a day (ok maybe they aren’t quite sweet – or soothing).

I can’t wait to see the amazing work that you have produced when we are back at school – remember, I am offering a table marble for each piece that you complete! Remember to use ReadTheory and TTRockstars to practise your comprehension and tables interactively. I have also now added some coding activities for you to complete on PurpleMash; feel free to leave me a comment after completing each task and I’ll be sure to take a look at your work and respond back to you.

I am working hard from home, just like you. I have been thinking about which awards you will each receive at the Year Six Award’s Ceremony this year and I’ve loved reflecting on all of your individual traits, quirks and talents! In addition, I am thinking of new activities that can keep you entertained and learning at home after the Easter break (amongst a billion other, more boring things obviously).

Why not use this time to achieve something personal to be proud of? I am trying to learn Spanish but it could be anything whether it be to complete 20 press-ups, learn to draw, practise yoga or learn to cook or bake – you are capable of anything with a growth-mindset!

Please keep working as hard for the adults at home as you do for your teachers in class. Fingers crossed we will be back together soon!

Stay safe,

Mr Frost

P.S. Of course Mrs Harrop and Mrs Davies wanted to leave a message too, so here they are:


Hello Year Six. I hope you are all well! I am just about staying sane – thank goodness for my daily walks with Toby. He’s not too keen on Joe Wicks though as he won’t let me do a workout without jumping up me and barking (I’ll probably be the width of the corridor by the time we get back!) I hope you are all well, still working hard and keeping fit (and of course not driving your parents insane!)

I’m being kept busy with some extra training that I am doing (see, it’s not just you lot working from home!) Stay safe and stay home!

Love Crazy Davies (I’ll probably be even crazier after staying in all this time!)


Hi guys, Mrs Harrop here. Just a little check-in to say how much I miss you all. I hope you are finding lots of creative things to do alongside your home-learning. Try to get some fresh-air and exercise too! Hopefully, we will be back in school soon and I’ll get to see all of your smiling faces again. Stay safe, sending hugs!

Love from Mrs Harrop