Good afternoon to everyone from Hillside

It was lovely to see all our children back at school this morning, full of smiles ready to start this new academic year. I’m sure they were feeling a mix of emotions- excitement and nerves- just like the staff!

They have all enjoyed the day so far, they are settling well and getting used to our new routines.

As expected, there were some minor teething issues at drop off this morning, especially on Ks2. Due to there only being one door and 4 classes accessing it there was a little congestion. We have reviewed the system in place and you will now see 4 class markers where children will line up, socially distanced ready to enter at their allocated time.

It is helpful if you arrive promptly (rather than early or late) so that you enter the school site at your allocated time.

A reminder also to sanitise your child’s hands before they enter school (this enables them to settle quickly once they are in school) . If children in Ks2 want to bring their own mini bottle of sanitiser to keep in their drawer, they can do.

Thank you for your patience and understanding this morning. We will constantly keep our procedures under review so that we can follow the government guidance, keep our community safe but make it work for our school.