Gifts in school

Dear Parents/ Carers/ Families, 

We have been receiving messages asking whether we are accepting gifts into school this year. We have discussed this as a staff and hope you don’t mind us suggesting the following: 

  • We are aware that some parents want to buy gifts and may already have done so and we are accepting these in school as normal.
  • Staff suggested that you could buy a book for your child’s classroom as a gift- this would bring joy to the member of staff but also to the whole class. (You could write a message on the inside cover e.g. This book was gifted to Mrs ………… to be enjoyed within the Y1 classroom: Christmas 2020)
  • Alternatively, staff would love for you to make a donation to the school PTFA – this way the whole school would benefit from the gift. (You can send your donation into school in an envelope marked with the member of staff’s name and titled as ‘Christmas gift donation to Hillside PTFA)

These are only suggestions and of course there is absolutely NO expectation that you do any of these. 

Thank you for your enquiries, continued support and understanding during these strange and uncertain times.  

The Hillside Team