Easter Treasure Hunt

Over the last couple of days the EYFS, KS1 and KS2 have all taken part in an Easter Treasure Hunt. The EYFS and KS1 hunt involved the children finding Easter eggs, within which were hidden clues from the Easter story. Once the children had solved the clue, they were given an item that linked to that part of the story to stick onto their story stick. There were 5 clues in all and once complete, the children were able to use their story stick to retell the Easter story. The children loved the treasure hunt and hopefully gained a deeper understanding of Easter.


The children in KS2 took part in a hunt that involved them finding Easter related questions. The questions were very tricky and required them to scan a QR code which took them to the relevant website to find the answer. The children had to use their computing, RE and skimming and scanning skills to complete the hunt.


All of the children worked so hard and definitely deserved to be awarded with their chocolate egg at the end.


We hope you all have a lovely Easter and enjoy eating lots of chocolate, having fun and spending quality time with family.