Earth Day, Light and Tales of Mr Hollow – Year Six.

Year Six had a busy week last week. We started our new science unit, ‘light’, by investigating how light travels. We made models of how this happens by using string, a torch and an object. Children were then challenged to consider, and model, how we see an object through a mirror by showing the direction and path of a beam of light.

We also started our new English unit, ‘Facts in the Case of Mister Hollow’, a murder mystery video which will eventually lead to us writing a police report. Pictures below show some children acting out freeze frames of the crime-scene.

It was also Earth Day last week. As a class, we had a very in-depth, mature discussion about the effects of climate change. I was incredibly impressed by how much the children knew! They plotted data on a graph to show just how much climate change had increased in the last 140 years and, using a range of factual resources for information, produced some fantastic climate change posters.