Consultation regarding RSE

Dear Parents/Carers,

RE: Consultation regarding RSE

We are writing to invite you to share your thoughts and opinions with us regarding the proposed changes in our PSHE teaching concerning our Relationship, Sex and Health Education (RSE) curriculum.

At Hillside Primary School, we value your opinions and input regarding the education of your children and would like to ensure you are consulted in any policy change regarding this part of the curriculum. Parents should have every opportunity to understand the purpose and content of relationships education and RSE, and we would like to develop a cooperative relationship with you.

Relationship and Sex/Health Education is an important part of the curriculum which prepares children for puberty and their growth in to adult life (and is statutory from September 2020). RSE can have a positive effect on self-esteem whereby pupils are encouraged to recognise their individual needs, to respect the needs and wants of others, and to develop the skills and self-esteem to become confident adolescents. Schools can offer information and provide opportunities to consider feelings and concerns within a secure environment.

In addition to our PSHE content, our RSE policy details additional teaching that will be undertaken to comply with statutory changes, effective from September 2020. This policy can be found for your perusal on the school website which can be found via the link below. We would like to invite you to share any thoughts or concerns regarding this by contacting the school office at your earliest convenience via email RSE contributes to wider support in terms of pupil wellbeing and keeping children safe, and we recognise that a range of approaches may be needed.

Thank you for taking the time to read the policy, we look forward to hearing your input.

Yours sincerely,
Mrs. K Schonau and Mrs J. Rushton
Headteacher and Interim PSHE Lead