Christmas Message from Derek Gray, Chair of Governors

To Staff, Children and Parents at Hillside Primary School,
I have been involved as a Governor at Hillside Primary School for a number of years and it has always been an honour I have much appreciated. Visiting the school is always a most enjoyable experience, I am always made to feel welcome by both the children and staff.

This year, I have missed coming to see you all but I am fully aware that our school, in spite of immense difficulties resulting from the pandemic, has remained as wonderful a place as ever, clearly showing how much our children are cared for and looked after. They are very important to us.

There was some concern being expressed as to how the children would settle down after such a long time away from school but I have been told by staff that the children have been wonderful to welcome back, keen and eager to settle into school life again. Our thanks go to the parents for their assistance and support. Bless you for this.

With regard to the staff, in a “normal year”, I have always considered them to be  a wonderfully dedicated professional team of people but this year, that is an understatement. Words cannot express the thoughts I have about the way you have contributed to the school this year, in the dedication you have all shown to the welfare and education of the chldren in our care. The thanks of the Governors, parents and children go to out to you for what you have achieved with our children this year.

All of you have a wonderful, happy safe Christmas.

                        Derek Gray

             Hillside Chair of Governors