KS1 Halle Orchestra Visit

KS1 have been inspired by the Halle Orchestra from Manchester 🎻 They came to share stories with us that were accompanied by music – the viola, violin, cello, drum, cymbal and glockenspiel 🎵 We heard about what happened after Jack left the beanstalk and when the three bears and Goldilocks became friends 👧 We all learned […]

Classical Music in Year Five

The class were in tune this week as they practised their classical chords in music. It was lovely to observe them working collaboratively together and offering each other advice.  

Music in Year One

This week we have been writing our own songs following syllable patterns on the glockenspiel. We came up with the words to add, using 3/4/5 syllable patterns and Mr Hall was impressed with our team work and song writing. ✍️

Reception Celebrate Chinese New Year

This week, Reception have been learning about Chinese New Year. As part of the celebrations, we learned that ribbon dances are very popular. We watched a video to inspire our own ribbon dances.

London’s Burning in Year One

It’s been very noisy and very musical in Year One! 🎵 We learned the words to ‘London’s Burning’, 🔥 sang in rounds taking turns to be the conductors and then added musical instruments! 🥁 We also talked about how in 1666 they couldn’t have fetched the engines but they did try to pour on water […]

A Christmas Story in EYFS

The children in Reception and Nursery have been busy practising their performance of the Christmas Story this half term, they have been retelling the story using actions and learning lots of new songs to tell the story. They were all amazing at performing in front of their audiences last week and made us very proud […]

Music in Year Five

Over the past few weeks, Year Five have been practising performing notes on keyboards and guitars. It was lovely to see them working collaboratively yesterday in order to provide each other with strengths and advice on where to go next in their performances.  

Music in Nursery

This week the children in Nursery have been introduced to the Ukuleles and have been learning how to hold them correctly. They have been made some beautiful sounds with them and enjoyed listening to the different sounds they made.

Year One’s Ukuleles

Year One have been practising their ukulele skills this week with Mr Hall. They had to strum for ten seconds and then pause to make magical music as a class! Everyone really concentrated to stay in time – fabulous! 🎵