Year Three: C’est mon anniversaire!

As part of the celebration unit, children learnt how to say their birth month and did a survey around the classroom to find out about their classmates’. Bravo les enfants!

Pierre the Bear in Year Four

Pierre the Bear has been enjoying spending time with lots of the children in Year Four. On his latest adventures, he has been watching French footballers, eating French bread 🥖 and he even went football training too!

Pierre’s adventures in Year Four

Pierre the bear has been enjoying his adventures with different members of the class in Year Four. This week, he enjoyed football training at the weekend! We wonder what he’ll be upto next time.

Reception: A walk in Paris

This week Reception have been learning all about France, through the story A Walk in Paris. The children have learned to say Hello in French as well as a number of other words. They have also learned the song Frere Jacques, which they loved. In the provision, the children deepened their understanding with activities about […]

French in Year Three

The children have been recapping all of their learning in French by matching French words and pictures. After the children had mini conversations with their partners using their learning. Fantastique!

Speaking French in Year Four

The children have been talking to each other about the weather in French. They had to describe the weather from the weather map of France and their partner had to decide whether it was ‘Oui or Non’, depending if the description was true or false. We have some super French accents developing too! Tres bien!

French in Year Six – Notre ècole

Children have practised learning verbs in French today by matching different actions with images of school. Children played a card game in which they had to turn cards over and try to find their matching verb . It got very competitive but children did extremely well to identify the matching pairs.

French in Year Three

The children have created work to go on display to showcase their French learning. They have really enjoyed starting to learn French and we have been impressed with their enthusiasm outside of lessons as well.

Nursery’s trip to France 🇫🇷 

This week we have pretended we have been on holiday to France. We have been writing postcards to say what we have been doing on holiday, creating French flags, building our own Eiffel Tower models and enjoying a visit to the French market! Tres bien Nursery!

French Day 2022

We have had another fantastique French day. All children had the chance to visit a French market ran by the Year Five children. All of the children tried their best to use as much French as possible. They enjoyed trying a slice of baguette and brie if they wanted to.  As well as the market, the children have taken part it many different activities including singing, counting, creating art work and having a go at playing boules.