Shelters in Year Two

Year two received a message from children in Zambia this week! They asked the year twos to help them to design, build and evaluate a shelter to keep them safe from The Enormous Crocodile. The children set out to find examples of shelters in the school grounds in preparation for designing and building next week.

DT in Year Four

The Year Four children have been disassembling and investigating a range of packaging today to learn how boxes are made from 2d nets. They identified the faces, glued tabs and interlocking tabs to understand all the different parts needed to construct a box. They were also introduced to the CAD (computer aided design) program on […]

Pizza making in Reception

As part of our story The Little Red Hen makes a Pizza, we have made our own muffin pizzas. We talked about what we thought would happen when we put the pizzas in the oven. We thought that the sauce would get hot and the cheese would melt. We chose our own toppings and we […]

Researching Lowry in Year Six

We have been finalising our Lowry research pages this afternoon in class. They’re looking amazing and really informative too!

Christmas Crafts in Year Five

This week in Year Five, we’ve stepped into Christmas as we created seasonal calendars for our friends and family.  

DT in Year Three – Sewing Bees

Year Three investigated different sewing techniques such as running, back and blanket stitches. They then evaluated which stitch would be the most suitable for their project. Lots of sewing bees in the making! Well done!

Puppets in Year One

Year One came to school dressed as toys and spent their day creating their own toy puppet! They had to test puppets, consider different joining techniques and design their own puppet and then make and evaluate their own work! They worked really hard and have all created a finger puppet to take home to play […]

Roman Food Tasting in Year Four

The children have been tasting a variety of a Roman foods this week to help them to decide on the final design for their Roman bread rolls that they are making. The tasted a range of foods, including figs, olives, dates, apples, pears, cheese and honey! Yum!

Reception: Pumpkin Soup

As part of our DT and Computing we have made pumpkin soup. We had to follow the instructions carefully, chopping the pumpkin and onion before putting it in the oven to roast. We can’t wait to try it 🎃

Microbit coding in Year Six

Children have been creating code for a microbit, which is a circuit board that can do a multitude of things, such as count steps, play music, listen to sound and light up. Today, we have been practising making a stepmother, which plays music and congratulates you when you reach a certain number of steps.