Digital Painting in Year One

In computing we’ve been using ‘paintz’ to create digital artwork! We drew ourselves and then worked together to create pieces in the style of Mondrian using the line, shape and fill tools! Well done everyone! 💛

Science in Year One

Last week in science we continued our learning about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores, considering what animals ate and why! 🐯 We’ve also been in to the woods to find signs of seasonal change now that summer has arrived! We used the camera to take photographs of things that we had found, using technology that not […]

Coding experts in Year Five

We’ve had a super time in our recent computing lessons as we’ve got to grips with micro-controllers. The children have excelled with applying code to crumbles which led to sparkles and motors performing certain tasks. Those who have been most confident have also started to debug algorithms.      

DT in Year Four

The Year Four children have been disassembling and investigating a range of packaging today to learn how boxes are made from 2d nets. They identified the faces, glued tabs and interlocking tabs to understand all the different parts needed to construct a box. They were also introduced to the CAD (computer aided design) program on […]

Year Two: Fact files in English

Year Two are preparing to write non-chronological reports in English based on crocodiles. Before starting, they went onto the laptops to complete fact files. They collected the facts from their own research and what they already know.

Digital Writing in Year Two

Year Two are learning the skills to enable them to produce a piece of digital writing. In this lesson, they learnt new keyboard keys and typed their name at speed.


Year Three redesigned our Online safety message: BE SMART WITH A HEART. This is to raise awareness of a safer and better internet for all. It is also to win a competition organised by our Digital Leaders! Who is going to win?

Year Six: Understanding IP addresses

In our computing unit, we have looked at how computers communicate with each other. We looked at what an IP Address is and learned how computers use a Domain Name Server (DNS) to look up domain names (websites) and convert them into IP addresses. We then researched the IP addresses of different, well-known websites (domain […]

Technology Around Us in Year One

Year One have been learning about technology around us – things that have been made to help us! We found lots of different ones in the classroom – scissors, laptop, sharpeners, iPad… and talked about many more that we might have at home. We have also progressed to using the laptops – practising how to […]

Reception: Pumpkin Soup

As part of our DT and Computing we have made pumpkin soup. We had to follow the instructions carefully, chopping the pumpkin and onion before putting it in the oven to roast. We can’t wait to try it 🎃