Behind the Scenes at the Theatre Year Five

Following on from watching an engaging live performance of the Wizard of Oz and Year Five enjoyed a magnificent workshop held by the experienced performers. During the workshop, we met all the actors, discussed the science and logistics behind the show and even how the sound and light control work. It was great to see […]

Exploring careers in Year Four

Year Four were asking some excellent questions to our visitors during careers afternoon. They were asking how they had got their job, any challenges they had faced over time and how the work they did made a difference for others, to name but a few. It also gave the children the opportunity to broaden their […]

Careers Day

As part of National Careers Week we held a careers fair, this was a huge success with lots of careers talk taking place throughout the school. In the hall the children had the opportunity to talk to workers from Catch22, the NHS, Stoke on Trent City Council, Keele University, Bet365, Staffordshire Police and Asda. They thought […]

Access All Arts Day

On Thursday, Hillside children participated in lots of different arts workshop as part of ‘Access All Arts’ week. The children were able to learn from experts such as opera singers, musicians, actors, illustrators and photographers who helped them to gain new skills in the arts. We were blown away by the children’s engagement and how […]

Doctors and Dentists in Nursery 👩‍⚕️ 

The children in Nursery have had a very busy week learning about the important jobs of doctors and dentists. We have thought about our own experiences and thought about when we may need to visit a doctor or dentist. We have also been thinking about ways to keep ourselves healthy and look after our teeth. […]

Shark Shack ready to attack!

Over the past few weeks a group of our Year 6’s have been taking part in a very exciting careers project. They were invited to take part in a national challenge to design a new ride / attraction for Waterworld. The team worked extremely hard researching, designing and promoting their ride and presented this and […]

NHS Career’s Day

The children have had a very informative day learning about many of the different career options available within the NHS. We have been very lucky to have parents and family/friends who work for the NHS doing Zoom calls during the morning to give an insight into some of the roles on offer, the children loved […]

Mrs Pope’s Makeover 💆‍♀️💇‍♀️

The nursery children have been very busy today practising to be hairdressers and beauticians. They have been colouring and styling hair and putting on make up, Mrs Pope has had a day full of pampering! Well done Nursery you have done a fantastic job!  

Number Day in Year Two

Year Two have enjoyed a wonderful Number Day today. They started the day playing maths games with their friends. Afterwards, the children linked their history work based on Christopher Columbus by using directional language to plot Columbus’ journey to The Americas on a map. This afternoon, the children took part in a number hunt before […]

Number Day in Year Four

Year Four have been extremely busy today, using maths in every lesson and activity that they have been involved in. We started the day with an assembly from Mrs Wainwright, followed by a TTRS challenge. We then worked in teams to complete an escape room challenge to escape from an Egyptian pyramid before using maths […]