Book Cover Competition Results

The results of our book cover competition can finally be revealed…

The majority of staff refused to judge the competition as it was just too difficult based on the amazing, truly creative masterpieces that we received so the job had to be delegated to Mrs Bailey and Mrs Dawson.

After much deliberation, they decided that they couldn’t decide on just one winner from each key stage but announced that there would have to be a winner from each class who would receive their pick of a book from our prize book box. The overall winners from each key stage received an Amazon voucher. All children who took part received a biscuit and will have their front cover displayed on the school website for all to see!

The class results are as follows:

  • Nursery – Dirty Bertie (Ewa)
  • Reception – The Gingerbread Man (Rocco)
  • Year 1 – Miss Dirt the Dustman’s Daughter (Eleanor)
  • Year 2 – Toy Story (Harry)
  • Year 3 – Captain Underpants (Lenny)
  • Year 5 – Gangsta Granny (Jessica and Isaac)
  • Year 6- The Creakers- (Imogen)

Overall Winners:

  • KS1/EYFS- Pirates Love Underpants (Y1- Beckett)
  • KS2- Free Rein (Y5- Sophie mae)

Well done all!