A Message from Mrs Wainwright

Hello all,

Hope you are well and managing to stay busy during this uncertain time. I’m missing you all so much. I miss our conversations, the laughter and your smiling faces the most. The last two weeks have been a whirlwind and I’m still trying to adjust to the quiet corridors in school, remembering to wash my hands constantly and also trying to remember which day of the week it is. I’m sure you are all feeling a little lost too but just remember that we, as adults, feel the same way too. The thing I want you to remember more than anything is that you are all loved and cared for by your Hillside family and you will soon be home, back at Hillside, where you belong.

We may have sent work home; however, some of the most crucial learning will take place when you are helping your Mum, Dad and siblings. Our school motto is ‘Developing the Individual’ and I hope you are able to take this time to develop or learn a new skill. Mine is to learn how to bake! I’m starting simple…rice crispy cakes! But we all have to start somewhere. I can’t wait to hear some of the new things you can do…whether that be tying your shoe laces, riding a bike, sewing or even putting the washing machine on! They are all crucial life skills and we have to stay positive and make the most of the time we have been given at home.

When completing home learning, don’t put too much pressure on yourself and please remember the strategies you have been taught to overcome those difficult situations you may find yourselves in. Our 5 B’s are very useful in school: brain, board, book, buddy, boss; however, at home you don’t always have the resources to be as independent as you’d like so I’d like to pinpoint you to some online support on our website. If you use the following link: https://hillsideprimary.org.uk/maths-tuition-videos/  (or go to the maths pages) you will find some useful videos that have been carefully put together by your teacher and TAs. The videos help you to add, subtract, multiply and divide (share) and will remind you of some of the key skills and strategies that you use in class. If you have the time, why not watch the videos and practise. Your teachers will be amazed by your confidence when you return.

This situation is teaching us all that the most important things are your family and your health, so stay safe and enjoy the quality time with your loved ones.

Sending each and every one of you the biggest virtual hug!

Mrs Wainwright