A huge thank you!


Parents/ Carers,

As we draw to the end of another strange and difficult week, we wanted to thank you all for your patience, understanding flexibility and support. Many parents have acknowledged the mammoth task that we have undertaken this week, but we realise that as parents and families you too have felt the stress and anxiety of the announcement of the full lockdown.

It is our statutory obligation to provide at least 3 hours of remote learning each day and we sent details of our Remote Learning offer yesterday. We acknowledge that this may suit some families but not others as every family is in a different, unique situation. Please do not feel pressured to follow the timetables we suggested or to look at social media or other families to compare what you are doing to them.  Each family will be finding their own ‘ normal’ and working out how to make things work for them. This may be adjusting the timings, completing the home learning outside of the school day or prioritising tasks. Many children, especially those in KS2 will be able to access much of the home learning independently. Always remember that there is the offer of an individual face-to face zoom with your child’s class teacher throughout the day. This can be requested via your child’s class home learning account.

A huge thank you for all the communication that we have received this week. It has really helped us to smooth out all our arrangements. A reminder that all home learning linked emails should be sent via the class home learning accounts and anything non-home learning related should come into school via office@hillsideprimary.org.uk. The home learning work we have received throughout the week has been amazing to see and has reminded us what amazing children we have at Hillside. We look forward to receiving more next week.

Please be gentle with yourselves, we know that you will be doing the best that you can, and this is enough.